BPG Front Office

Reception desk of BPG is well decorated ambient. It’s a cool and calm place with magnificent interior. It is a unique intermingling of luxury service for the guests who visits us as a valuable guest.

The front office is the front face of BPG to where people can have a look into BPG and its hospitality. It acts as a public face of BPG.

Board Directors

In the picture we can see the Top Managements are sitting in a meeting with our honorable Managing Director and Chairman of BPG. They are always thriving together to bring excellency in business growth to deliver top notch business commitment.

Blue Planet Fruit Fest

Employee Engagement related activities to encourage the employees towards a better working environment and better corporate culture.

Mindset Program

A mindset program. It is more to leaders meet leaders to discuss about business growth.

Learning and Development

Employee development-related activities, a continuous learning platform. Learning and Development related activities.